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Deep Space 9

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Star Trek Federation
USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Bird of Prey
USS Enterprise NCC-1701D-Callouts 
USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
Deep Space 9
USS Enterprise NCC-1701E
Star Wars Galaxy
Millennium Falcon
X-Wing/TIE Fighter
Standard Edition Limited Edition
$19.95 $40.00
24" x 36"
25" x 36"
Cut away poster, 7 colors with two metallic inks & a gloss and matte varnish, printed on archival quality 65# cover weight stock includes over 90 technical callouts, and history of the space station. u.s.s. defiant exterior, head shots of main characters, incredible graphic of wormhole.
Limited Edition signed and numbered by artists, lithographic prints on 100# text stock, with official licensed certificate of authenticity. qt. available 2,500