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X-Wing & TIE Fighter

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Star Trek Federation
USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Bird of Prey
USS Enterprise NCC-1701D-Callouts 
USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
Deep Space 9
USS Enterprise NCC-1701E
Star Wars Galaxy
Millennium Falcon
X-Wing/TIE Fighter
Standard Edition Limited Edition
$19.95 $40.00
36" x 24"
36" x 25"
Know these ships inside and out. Discover what really makes these ships tick! The poster is printed in five colors and includes a special metallic ink. the poster is printed on acid free archival quality cover stock with a special uv coating. It includes well over 60 technical callouts and a list of easy to read specifications.
Limited Edition. Limited to 2500 copies, your limited edition posters are signed and numbered by the artists and include a certificate of authenticity. These posters are printed on a heavier archival quality cover stock.